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financial institutions.

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Key Metrics

Loans provided to FI partners since 2005: $4.5 billion
2020 growth over 2019: 40%
Loans received by FI partners in 2020: $625 million
Dealer partners: 800 and growing
New customer loans in 2020: 24,000+
Asset size of collective FIs: $21 billion

In 2020, FILOs market alone saw more than 1,600,000 auto loans written.

How many went to your financial institution?

Auto loan borrowers are out there, but they aren’t walking into your branch to secure financing. Instead, they’re headed right to the dealer where they lock in competitive rates at the time of the sale.

And the big banks are using their scale, technology, and budget to dominate that marketplace.

You’re not alone if you simply don’t have the tech, time, budget, and personnel needed to manage the complexities of a direct relationship with dealers.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean you need to give up your share of the market. Instead, partner with FILO.

How Does FILO Help?

For financial institutions seeking loan growth and asset diversification, FILO is a turn-key, indirect lending partner that provides a low-risk revenue and customer acquisition stream. We use our decades of experience and our relationship with 800+ dealer partners to help you boost consumer loans, diversify your portfolio, and add a new interest revenue stream.

There are no monthly fees or set up costs, either – our transparent, flat-rate pricing structure means you pay an affordable, flat rate for loans that you book.

The best part? FILO handles the entire process.

  • We vet our dealer partners and manage the dealer relationships.
  • We buy, aggregate, audit, and fund the loans.
  • Your FI receives a daily package of loans that meet the criteria you dictate, including volume, credit tier, and geographic location.
  • Your FI reviews and approves the loans. Once approved, your FI becomes the servicer, giving you loan growth and new members.

Financial Institution Testimonials

Hear how we’re helping our financial institution partners compete with big banks, diversify their portfolios, and open a new stream of customers.

Ryan Kamphuis
President and CEO
Bristol Morgan Bank
FILO is extremely efficient and cost-effective. I cannot take an application and book a loan for what they charge. By the time I pay consumer lenders, do the underwriting, pull the credit, have my loan documentation team prepare the documents, there is a lot invested in personnel cost. FILO provides guaranteed results for a fee I could not beat internally.
Christine Moczynski
President and CEO
Prime Financial Credit Union
Our 15 year history with FILO has been a really good partnership and an excellent source of loans we can rely on – tried, true, and consistent. Our interactions with them are always straightforward and transparent.
Kevin King
SVP Commercial Ops
Blackhawk Bank
FILO lives up to what they sell you, and communication between the bank and FILO has been excellent. We have the ability to call them anytime, and they have been extremely helpful with loans we’ve had questions on. Communication and support have been excellent.

Start Your FILO Partnership Now

Reclaim your share of the auto loan market today. You’ll get a reliable, steady source of loans that fit your parameters and a pipeline of new members – all at a low cost and with minimal risk.