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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Dealer FAQs

FILO can approve a credit application in seconds. Funding can be as fast as the same day, dependent upon our timely receipt of necessary paperwork.

FILO funds a wide range of credit criteria (>600 FICO): prime, near-prime, and non-prime credit categories.

In addition to our market-competitive rates, we offer 84-month terms through three model-year-old vehicles and 75-month terms through six model-year-old vehicles. We finance vehicles up to 10 years old and with a maximum mileage of 125,000.

FILO advances up to 125% of NADA retail plus competitive amounts of back-end products.

Yes. FILO offers multiple methods of submitting packages for funding, including e-contracting.

Yes. We are available when our dealer partners need us – including Saturdays. See our full office hours.

Key partners in Wisconsin

  • Bergstrom Automotive
  • Boucher Auto Group
  • Home Run Auto Group
  • Russ Darrow Automotive Group
  • Zimbrick Automotive

Key partners in Illinois

  • Hawkinson Nissan/Kia
  • Kunes Auto Group
  • Napleton Automotive Group
  • Rohrman Automotive Group
  • Zeigler Automotive Group

Key partners in Minnesota

  • Dahl Auto
  • Evergreen Auto Group
  • Lupient Automotive Group
  • Rydell Auto Group

Financial Institution FAQs

A partnership with FILO allows financial institutions to reclaim their market share of the competitive and lucrative auto lending business, with little overhead and virtually no risk. Our turn-key service allows your institution to set parameters on the type of loans you’d like to service. We then supply audited, compliant, ready-to-book loans. This offers your institution a new stream of interest revenue, portfolio diversification, and excellent customer acquisition opportunities.

At FILO, we thoroughly vet our dealer partners to ensure they are a good fit for our program. Dealers must sign an agreement that provides comprehensive representations and warranties regarding the vehicles, the borrowers, and applicable state and federal regulations. In the event representations and warranties are violated, there is a repurchase clause in the contract. In addition, FILO provides comprehensive representation and warranties regarding the retail installment contracts on behalf of their financial partners.

For independent dealers, we take additional steps, including vetting two years of financials, auditing the condition of the vehicles on the lot, and getting a written contract to ensure they will buy back the contract in the event of term violations.

FILO represents and warrants full compliance with all loan packages in accordance with state and federal regulations. All we do is indirect auto lending, meaning our internal auditing team has the advantage of experience and industry knowledge. Our Demographic Statistics on Customers Acquired continually prove that we do an excellent job monitoring compliance:  

  • 93% average loan-to-value
  • 740+ average FICO score
  • <25 basis points in annual losses
  • Delinquencies below industry average

FILO funds a wide range of credit criteria, but each of our FI partners can choose the credit risk level with which they are comfortable.

Our financial institution partners receive a daily package of loans through a secure site. Before approving the loan sale, each partner can then review the package to ensure the loans meet their criteria (credit tier, geographic location, etc.). Within 24 hours, FILO will reimburse the purchase price of any non-compliant loans.

Yes. We are available when our financial partners need us – including Saturdays. See our full office hours.

We utilize an affordable flat-fee pricing structure, and you only pay for the retail installment contracts that you purchase — meaning you get a 100% booking ratio. Please call now for current prices.

Due to our constant growth and cultivation of excellent relationships with our dealer partners, we have a steady stream of retail installment contracts available to fulfill each partner’s desired monthly loan volume.

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