FILO works for financial institutions.

Grow interest revenue and diversify your product portfolio with the low costs and little risk

Access a steady flow of audited, ready-to-board auto loans

Increase your customer base and marketing potential

See how we help financial institutions

FILO works for auto dealerships.

Benefit from retail-based advances, competitive rates, and flexible terms

Widen your range of credit criteria

Offer more competitive lending options

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Wisconsin-based FILO has spent the last two decades as a premier indirect auto lender. For dealers, we offer a fast, competitive lending option. For financial institutions, we provide a steady supply of audited vehicle loans. All we do at FILO is indirect auto lending. Our staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to providing personable, responsive service. Our technical and administrative processes are tailored to the unique needs of the indirect market. And our programs are as efficient and turn-key as they come. Don’t leave money on the table. Regain your share of the market and drive more revenue by partnering with FILO. Request an informational package today.

FILO works. Here’s the proof.

Ryan Kamphuis
President and CEO
Bristol Morgan Bank
FILO takes the time to walk through the process with you as you get up and running. We have not had any issues with loans not meeting our credit or geographic criteria, our volume has remained steady at our desired level, and the entire file takes less than 30 minutes of staff resources to work. It’s a slick program. I could not have a portfolio like this without some help on the back side, and that is what FILO brings to the table as a partner.
Tim Groves
Approval Manager
Zumbrota Ford
FILO has been key in helping us provide options for our customers. FILO buys a large spectrum of credit, and they fund fast. They are a great team to work with from start to finish. I highly recommend them.